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The accident involved a school bus carrying students of the Millat Grammar School (located in Millat Town,Faisalabad) who were returning back to the city after a school excursion and picnic at Islamabad and Murrevia Kallar Kahar and the Khewra Salt Mines (also part of the school trip).[1][2][3] While travelling along the M2 motorway, the bus skidded due to mechanical brakefailure and fell into a ravine. As many as 37 people died in the disaster and at least 70 were critically injured.[1] According to media sources, the dead civilians included thirty schoolchildren, the bus driver, six school teachers and the vice-principal of the school.[2][4] The students were in grades six, seven, eight, nine and ten.[1] Those who were injured in the incident were immediately escorted to the district headquarters hospital inChakwal. The deadly incident immediately received national media coverage in the wake of the high casualties resulting from it. Most of the city remained closed after the district administration and authorities of Faisalabad District announced a day off for all schools, institutions and government jobs following the accident. It has been reported that although the bus had a capacity for only 70 passengers[5] it was carrying at least 110 people. Reports suggest the overloaded capacity of the bus may have caused the driver to lose full control of the vehicle and subsequently experience a brake failure. The driver apparently informed the teachers first when the brakes began to fail. The information spread panic and one teacher jumped and landed out of the bus. The vice-principal advised passengers on the bus to remain calm and be prepared to jump out. However, the bus overturned before the passengers could move. According to one student who survived the accident, most of the children were looking towards the teacher who was lying on the road when the bus

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