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My Career as a Registered Nurse A career that I have been interested in ever since I was younger was to become a registered nurse. There are many reasons why I want to become a registered nurse, but there is one reason that sticks out the most to me. The main reason I made this my first career path is because when I was younger my grandpa was always in and out of the hospital. The times grandpa was at home I always wanted to take care of him and make his time home pleasurable. Unfortunately it took my grandpa’s illness to inspire my desire to become a registered nurse. When it came to family injuries and dressing changes they always called upon me for the caring and nurse taking ability. Although I haven’t had formal training I feel my inner nursing intuitions will guide me through my nursing career. I feel that I have made the right choice for myself to become a registered nurse. What do people really even know about an upcoming career they like? Well for me I know more about the salary, job openings, and why nurses are so important. I know for a fact that a career as a nurse will always have job opportunities. When becoming a registered nurse you will have a high salary, but it can vary for each job. Nurses are very important in the medical field because they contribute to the well being of patients and their families. Pursuing s career in being a registered nurse will be academically challenging, but I feel that it will broaden my future. There is a great deal of education and training to become a registered nurse. While you’re in high school and interested in nursing you should do well in Math, Science, and English. After you graduate from high school, you can prepare for a career as a registered nurse in one to three years (Career 149). The first step for becoming a registered nurse is that you have to be a high school graduate. When choosing a school it is

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