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[pic] RESEARCH METHODS FOR BUSINESS STUDENTS ASSIGNMENT 3 – RESEARCH PROPOSAL The unemployed graduate situation from 2008 to 2013 Prepared for: Ms. Nguyen Thi Van Quyen Prepared by GROUP 5 – FB0605 Nguyễn Thị Lệ Thủy – FB00439 Trương Thanh Huyền – FB00489 Phan Ngọc Mẫn – FB00422 Table of Content I. Introduction 2 II. Research question and research objectives 3 III. Literature review and Theoretical framework 4 1. Unemployed graduate situation 4 2. Reasons for unemployed graduate situation 8 3. Existing solutions 12 4. Theoretical framework 15 IV. Research methods 16 1. Research philosophy 16 2. Research approach 17 V. Research scope 18 1. Research design 18 2. Population and sample 18 3. Data collection method and technique 19 4. Ethical consideration and procedures 20 VI. Thesis structure 20 VII. References 21 I. INTRODUCTION We all want to achieve a successful life which comprise about desire to have wealth, love, fame and power. To have a university degree after high-school graduation is one of the surest ways to reach a bright future in the Vietnamese concept and have a good job as well as high status in society. In the last 5 years, everything has been changing. Because of economic crisis, business go bankrupt and, a deduction of labor, university degree is only one side of the matter and you can find a job or not is another story – without caring about the quality of job. From 2008 to 2013, there are an increasing number of students who cannot seek a job after graduation. First of all, this issue is an ongoing concern and to be discussed on every hot forum today as it is an unresolved question. Secondly, the Government and citizens had invested a big of effort, money and time in education whilst the ratio of unemployed student is still very high. As estimated, each family spends VND 80-100 million per student
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