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Every day at the Royal London Society for Blind People we meet blind young people across London and the South East who are brimming with potential and ready to take on the world, but the reality for many young people is that they will struggle to achieve their dreams. Within London and the South East there are around 11,000 vision impaired children and young people up to the age of 25. Research tells us that they are struggling: • Nine out of 10 people who lose their sight in youth will never work for more than six months in their lives • One in four vision impaired children under 12 are depressed • Blind and partially sighted 11 year olds are twice as likely to be bullied at school as their sighted peers. • Two out of five children have no local friends to play with • Nearly 70% of blind and partially sighted young people are living on the poverty line. ABOUT RLSB For over 175 years RLSB has been educating and supporting blind children and young people. It started in 1838 when our founder Thomas Lucas, set up a school to teach blind children to read. Nearly two centuries on, we continue that vital work. Our staff are ready to turn the world upside down to make life better for those affected by sight loss in youth. We’ve got big and bold ambitions for the future that matches the ambitions of the young people we work with. The services we provide are inspired by the young people we work with and are informed by our work with leading child psychologists and ophthalmologists. Our practioners are sector specialists with a wide breadth of knowledge and experience. Last year RLSB supported over 1400 participants through our services. In 2015 we aim to increase that number to 1600. We have an annual turnover of around £5 million and employ 100 people. WHY ARE SO MANY VISION IMPAIRED CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE STRUGGLING? Being able to live

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