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ELEMENTARY DIVISION MANAGER TOY COMPANY DATE: 2/22/12 SUBJECT: RESEARCH ON EMPLOYEES CLAIM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The employee claimed in his complaint under Title VII of the civil rights act constructive discharge after a work schedule change of policy. The toy company has a social and legal responsibility to investigate this claim. Social responsibility is about how we are perceived by the general public and how we are responsible towards our people, nature and the environment; it also means how ethical we are in making business decisions. Do we just chase profits and watch the bottom line or do we have an interest to give back to the community? Legal responsibility is about following the letter of the law, i.e. equal employment opportunity law, in this case (Gómez-Mejía, Balkin, & Cardy, 2008). This discriminatory charge in terms of employment can be better understood under the following legal concept of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This addresses the issue of worker’s discrimination at the toy company. The employee complains about not being able to maintain his religious obligations by the change of policy, as a result of which, he felt discriminated against, and he felt that the toy company had created a hostile work environment. Garner & Black (2009), define constructive discharge as a termination of employment brought about by an unacceptable working environment ,where the worker has no choice, but to quit. The Civil Rights Act and the areas of law applicable in this case. The Civil Rights Act of 1964, is a very wide and all embracing law that covers in detail any prohibition against different types of discrimination at the work place. 1. It states that an employer cannot discriminate against any individual in terms of compensation, race,

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