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A. Analyze your simulation results. Include the following in your analysis: • Your actions during the simulation • The relationship between your actions and your simulation results • Your success compared to other competitors • Alternatives to your actions that could have produced better results in the simulation Keeping your analysis and the simulation content in mind, respond to the following prompts: 1. Explain how you determined your brand design decisions. 2. Discuss whether you would change the target markets you selected. 3. Discuss whether you would change the sales office locations you selected. 4. Evaluate whether you would spend differently on marketing research. B. Analyze the factors you considered during the simulation in deciding whether to establish a presence in international markets. 1. Explain changes you would make to the analysis if the opportunity required a heavy international commitment. A. 1. For the simulation, I determined brand design decisions based on the wants and needs of the market segment I was targeting. First, I took a look at the market research that showed the three different segments, their needs, the price they are willing to pay, and their market size. Out of the three groups, I chose Mercedes and Traveler. The Mercedes segment put a large emphasis on their ideal computer being fast and powerful, with engineering applications, being able to link with other computers, being attractive, and having after sales support. Low price was the least important thing on their list. The Traveler segment wanted a computer that was portable, could link with other computers, with office applications, a low price, and easy on the eyes. Fun to use was lowest on their list of important attributes. While working at incorporating these attributes into products for their respective market segments, I also made sure that I paid

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