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[GROUP 3 INCOMPLETE OUTPUT/DRAFT] In June 1872, Rizal was sent to study in Ateneo Municipal, a school run by Jesuits. But two things made his admission to Ateneo difficult; one is that his enrollment was late and the other is that the Father Minister, Fr. Martin Fernando, deemed him too small for his age and appeared to be sickly. However, Paciano obtained help from Fr. Burgos’ nephew, Manuel Xeres Burgos for him to be admitted to Ateneo. Since Mercado, the first surname of the family, had come under suspicion of the authorities because it was the name used by Paciano when he was studying and working with Father Burgos, in whose house he lived, Jose adopted the second surname, Rizal. As a newcomer and knowing little Spanish, he was considered inferior and placed at the bottom of the class. To improve his Spanish, Jose Rizal took private lesson in Santa Isabel College during the noon recess. In the second half of the first year, his performance declined and was not able to maintain his academic supremacy that he held during his first half of the term for the reason that he was affected so much by the remarks of some professors. He placed second at the end of the year although his grades were marked excellent. He surprised his mother whom he had not seen for ever a year because she was still in prison with a visit and delivered the good news. In his second year, he did much better and won a medal, he visited his mother again and prophesized that she would be released from prison in three months’ time. It happened that the prediction came true. Thanks to the schedule José was following, he had time for extra reading. The first foreign book he read, The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas, reminded him of the sufferings of his mother in prison and of his motherland. All over the Philippines were conditions worse than those which Dumas had described. But

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