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Intro: * An Island filled with hundreds of hanging, decomposing, decapitated doll. Nightmare? * This is not a nightmare. It’s La Isla de las Munecas, a real place located at southern borough of Mexico City on a man-made Island that for dacades has been home to hundreds of dolls. How did all of these creepy and allegedly possessed dolls get there? * Julian Santana was the Islands caretaker fo many years. He Reponsible to gatherinf ang hanging the dolls round the island. Julian Santana: * The Island was property of Don Julian Santana Barera, a local farmer. Legend has it that in 1950 he saw a little girl drown in the canal and er spirit began the place. Terrified. Don Julian started collecting dolls to protect himself from her ghost. He gathered them from trash heaps and hung them around the island like creepy christmas ornaments. Santana Died: * In 2001 Santana was found dead by drowing in that very same canal. It isn’t known if it was accidental or if he took his own life. And to this day, People are still come to get produce and leave dolls as an offering to the spirit. Favorite Dolls: * The dolls with the glasses was a personal favorite of Sr.Julian. It was named Agustina as it was found in August.Visitors offer all sorts of things to her for luck and protection. How to get there: * The only wayt to get around Xochimilico’s canals is to hire a Trajinera; a wooden,vibrantly painted boat that’s propelled using a long stick, must like venetian gondola. And if you want to get to the island of dolls, be prepred for a long

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