River Valley Civilizations

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There are many differences and similarities between the Mesopotamian river civilization and Egyptian river civilization. The first difference is economy. Egyptians depended heavily on farming. Being close to the Nile allowed easy access to water needed for crops. Seasonal flooding fertilized the land for the next year's crops and Agriculture was essential for survival, growth, and economic success. The Mesopotamians Sumerian city-states was based on farming and trade.The people of Mesopotamia were known for their metalwork, woolen textiles, and pottery. Copper, tin, and timber were imported goods exchanged for dried fish, wool, wheat, and metal goods. The second difference is the social structure. In mesopotamia There were three major social groups in the Sumerian city-states, the nobles, commoners, and the slaves. The Nobles included many of the royal and religious officials. The Commoners worked for palace and temple domain, they also worked as farmers, merchants, and crafts people.The slaves worked in building buildings and also belonged to the palace officials. The egyptians had a King, ruling class, craftsman, farmers, marginalized groups and slaves. The third difference is architecture. The mesopotamians had The most famous and important building which was the temple dedicated to the gods and goddesses of the city. The temple was called a ziggurat and was built atop a massive stepped towerHousing were built by sun-dried bricks, and a small portion of buildings were made by stone or wood. Egyptians had Pyramids, Large boats for transport, and Rigid structures that held pharaoh at the top, followed by priests, artisans, farmers, and finally slaves. The last difference is religion. In each town,Mesopotamians believed to be protected by a god, they believed the pyramid temples connected heaven and earth.In Mesopotamia the people looked to religion to answer their

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