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Fiorello H. LaGuardia High SchoolAakash MansukhaniThematic Essay: River Valleys2.22.08Global 2 Honors, Ms. KinghamRiver valleys are a distinct part of history and the lives of many people. Egypt, China and Indiaare some of the many countries that consist of river valleys. In scientific terms, a river valley is a valleythat is formed by flowing water that usually makes a V- shape. River valleys have historically and geographically affected many countries, regions, and nations. They have bought prosperity as well asdepression. Egypt and China, are two of the many regions that the river valleys have deeply affected.In the past, Egypt used to be a historical region with towns, markets, and monuments scattered all over the dessert. Pharos ruled and mummies were buried inside pyramids. The best geographicalfeature of Egypt was the river valley that included the Nile River. The Nile River was a great source of water and food for farmers and peasants all across Egypt. The Nile flooded every now and then over itsbanks. As the water deposited, it left behind a rich deposit of fertile black mud. The farmers used thismud to help in the growth and development of their crops. These peasants would fasten their cattle toplows and prepare their fields for planting. The fertile black mud/soil was occasionally used in the falland winter seasons. Wheat and barely were some of the many plants that peasants grew during thesetwo seasons. This planting developed into the rise of irrigation ditches. Irrigation ditches were ditchesthat supplied dry land with water artificially. Lastly came the welcome harvest. This cycle repeated itself year after year bringing prosperity tp With the harvests and crops growing frequently, the Egyptians renamed their prospered region “the gift of the nile.” The Nile was a prominent river that was used fortrade and cultural diffusion as well. However, the

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