River Ravi Of Pakistan Essay

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HOLY River Ravi: Ravi is one of the five rivers which make Punjab tobe called land of five rivers. Ravi is called holy river because Hazarat Data gunj baksh when came to Lahore he built a Khanqah and Mosque known as the Khishti Masjid, outside the city on a mound to the West of Bhati near the bank of ravi. It is calle Holy river because as the legend says that if trow money into river Ravi one will receive ten thousands times the amount. The river was famous among supersticious people who believed that many sufis performed rituals and occults arts in water or on the embankment of river Ravi. Death of river Ravi: Death of river means that there is no much freh water in river.All the fishes which once swam in the Ravi have vanished.And the tiny minnows and crabs which the children use to collect from the fresh water of river Ravi have vanished.The extreme pollution of river ravi have destroyed 42 species of fish.Under the Indus water treaty the controle of water of Ravi reamis in India.Death of river Ravi means that it is most polluted river in Pakistan. River Ravi that had died a slow death is nothing more than a Large open sewer. Causes of death of Ravi: The waste water of Lahore is discharged into the river Ravi. Waste water is discharged 1015 cusecs whereas the dry flow of river is 460 cusecs. The river Ravi is polluted with solid wastes dumped on its bank and river is polluted due to cattle dung and illegal settlements along the bank. The pollution is highest of all rivers in Pakistan. Ravi has became the victim of discharging of untreated toxic water and sewer through drains. Economic consequences of death of Ravi: The death of river Ravi has reduced the Netexports of fish of Pakistan.People use to catch a net full of fish everyday which was enough to sell in market and was enough to cook and home. And now they catch only a handful of fish. Cultural

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