River Rafting Company Essay

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Abstract As with any new business, it is important to evaluate key criteria that may affect the financial growth and success of that business. It is also important to evaluate any other criteria or events that may influence the business as well. Over the course of this plan, we will look at Team D River Rafting Company. They are currently looking to open up operations in one of three states. These states include Arizona, New York, and Ohio. In order to determine which state will be the best area for development, we will need to look at the legal aspects of acquiring, holding, and disposing of real and personal property in each state. Ideally will need to determine renting versus owning their real and personal property and if the structure placed on the real property should be constructed or if they should use their mobile home. Concurrently, we will have to evaluate the risk factors and any key insurance that would be required and if that insurance varies from state to state. Finally, since these are guided tours down state waters and sometimes within national parks, if there is any environmental affect that the company foresees. Once these key factors are evaluated, we will be able to determine in what area Team D River Rafting, LLC should open. River Rafting D Company Legal Aspects of Real Property Renting Versus Owning Real and Personal Property Legal Aspects of Acquiring, Holding, and Disposing or Personal Property Personal property consists of everything that is not real property. When it is affixed to land or buildings is called fixture, which can include items such as heating, storm windows, fixed air conditioning units, etc. Unless stated, fixtures are meant to stay in the building when this is sold. Personal property can be tangible, I.E. that can be physically defined, such as goods, materials, minerals, or intangible, which do

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