Ritz-Carlton Case Essay

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I. Introduction: Ritz-Carlton II. Content: 1.1 Suggest two functional areas of Ritz-Carlton and evaluate the interrelationship between the different processes and functions of the organisation. 1.1.1 An organization chart Ritz-Carlton works under the President - Chief Operations Officer Herve Humler and 3 important position Global Officer - Worldwide Operations, Chief Financial Officer, Vice president - Public relationship in the global. And go after them, working the regional and some other positions: Planning officer, Human resource department Management, Regional director, Regional director, Sales and financial, Services officer, Investment and development officer. Available: http://corporate.ritzcarlton.com/en/Press/FactSheet.htm http://corporate.ritzcarlton.com/en/Press/Default.htm [Sunday, March 16, 2014] 1.1.2 Ritz-Carlton culture. Being as a service company, Ritz-Carlton understand that the quality of its end products depend on the people who providing it. So that Ritz-Carlton considers its employees as the cornerstone of it service culture, in other way we can said that the culture of Ritz-Carlton is personal culture. The culture is expressed through chaordic systems thinking (any self-organizing, adaptive, non-linear, complex organism, organization or community whether physical, biological or social, the behavior of which harmoniously blends characteristics of chaos and order), and how it care about it employee (Benchmarking in Recruitment, Orientation and Training). For example: Ritz-Carlton developed its own “Service Philosophy”. Follow “Service Philosophy”, Ritz-Carlton let employees understand its expectation: its goal, its vision, how they can be treated, and good working environment besides the physical setting by respecting each other which base on the employees. With this “Service Philosophy”, employees will know more

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