Rites Of Passage Paper

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Rite of Passage Paper Every person begins their life’s adventure with a birth and comes to an end at death. In our lives, there will be other rites of passage that will hold great importance; celebrating birthdays, graduation from school or college, acquiring jobs, getting married, having children, and divorce. The different rites of passages that happen in our society are reflected by the values we set. One of the difficult journeys in life that we go through is adolescence, the period between a person’s childhood and adulthood. The teenagers of today it seems are different from how they used to be. In today’s world, media and peers have a greater affect on teens than ever before; TV is more risqué than ever, Music is more suggestive, internet has made explicit materials readily available and peers are pressuring each other to extreme limits. These factors have a great affect on today’s teen’s rites of passage; acquiring a license for boys and dating for a girl. During adolescence, teens begin to re-evaluate their self-identity. Emphasis on social virtues such as being friendly, cooperative or kind: these traits reflect a teen’s need for social acceptance. How they are viewed by others is a big change coming from childhood. The need to fit in and be accepted is greater when a child reaches adolescence. Peer relations strengthen as teens begin to spend less time with family. A teen’s friends become his second family and therefore a lot of social and moral values are derived from this second family. For boys, a driver’s license means more than just being able to handle a vehicle. This is freedom, a tool to explore past their known boundaries. A license means you’re given the trust and responsibility by adults to handle a car. How teens handle and respect this responsibility is one for concern. If the teen has good friends, he will abide by the rules set by

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