Rite Of Passage

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The rite of passage is a milestone in the lives of different individuals. The rite of passage is celebrated in many different cultures in many different ways. Many cultures celebrate birth, coming of age, puberty, marriage and death. In many societies, the rite of passage includes the social recognition into sexual maturity. Most rites of passage help people to understand their new roles in the society. The rite of passage in many cultures is celebrated by various events and parties. The coming of age, for my son is a rite of passage. My son is 16 and has recently obtained his driver’s license and began to date. The journey through puberty has not been a rough road, but it has been a learning experience for us both. The adolescence stage can start around the age of 13 and continue through the age of 19. During the adolescence stage, the teenagers struggle with changes in their bodies and changes in their emotions. During this stage, the individuals struggle with self-identity and independence. Early stages of adolescence tend to create a negative, yet, confused attitude for the individual. The early years of adolescence is where the individual is no longer a young child and needs to transition into a teenager. The individual in transition is changing from a child and becoming a teenager. Teenagers are adapting to doing different things for fun and often associate with different teenagers. During this transition, the teen will become bored with the old games of a child and start to experiment with different things. Teen will often try to test the limitations that are set by parents and often their behavior starts to change. The adolescents are beginning to change inside and out and often have trouble with the transition. The emotional changes will often have them being moody and short tempered. During these years, the teen often pushes the limits to see just how
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