Rite of Passage Essay

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Rite of Passage BSHS/342 April 28, 2012 Barbara Kennedy Rite of Passage Rites of passage are the growth from a child to adulthood. There are many way to children to meet the exclusion rites of passage by religion, marriage, and other practices. These rites of passage are the greatest accomplishment for young adults to undergo for adulthood. The growth and changes that undergoes with the rite of passage is one time event will stay with the young adult for the rest of his or her life. The rite of passage is the transformation into child to adulthood. Marriage is common rite of passage in which young people or old people devote their enteral love to one another in the eyes of the public and God, depending on the religion; Marriage is a bonding contract from the two individual who is in love. According to Edward Berry form the website http://web.cn.edu/kwheeler/documents/Rites_of_Passage.pdf, the marriage is bonding contract that have stages before the wedding ceremony: The fiancé and fiancée often go through an extended period called "engagement" after formal vows in which the pair is not supposed to live together. There are even sexually segregated rituals for each gender to undertake separately. For instance, during the bachelor party, the groom may engage in behavioral reversals and break taboos under the influence of intoxicants. In many religious practices, such as that of Catholics, the actual wedding is preceded by a period of religious instruction and counseling (transition). The female partner traditionally loses her old name to gain a new one, and in many cultures wears a disguise (a veil). The actual ceremony takes place between the two undergoing the rite of passage involves a giving each other rings (exchange of gifts). The participants wear ritual clothes (tuxedo and white dress). Following the couple's ceremony, the community shows approval

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