Rite Aid Case Analysis

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Rite Aid Case Analysis Executive Summary Rite Aid Corporation, the fourth largest US pharmacy, is failing. Despite its revenue, this large pharmacy continues to underperform and is in serious jeopardy. There are possibilities when it comes to plugging the holes in this sinking ship, but it will take concerted efforts to move this firm into the black. There are three main solutions to Rite Aid’s failing business. First, Rite Aid’s leadership could do absolutely nothing. The company would continue in the same way that they have been, and the company would limp along until it was unable to meet payroll. Secondly, Rite Aid could look for a potential buyer to purchase it, assume its debt and put it on a more successful road. Lastly, it is possible that the leadership of Rite Aid refocuses their brand and makes corrections in their course to build the brand. Alternative Solutions The Rite Aid case can be solved by utilizing one of the three solutions. First, it would be simple to do nothing and see what happens. Most likely, the company would continue until they were unable to fulfill their financial obligations. Secondly, the company could sell to the highest bidder, who would assume their debt and possibly rebrand the company. Lastly, the company and their leadership could refocus and correct its course to build the brand. The last option is like the old adage to “wash, rinse, repeat.” Refocus, move forward and continue that process until success is achieved. With the first potential solution for Rite Aid, it would be necessary to be willing to continue losing. The second alternative would be sell the business, which would take time, talent and eventually would take the company to a different leadership. Lastly, taking the time to refocus is difficult and costly. Not only does it take talent, money and time, it takes consistent leaders

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