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RISK INFORMATION SHEET Risk id: | 12345 | Id:56789 | Id:54321 | Id:98765 | Id:246810 | Date: | 12/22/14 | 12/23/14 | 12/24/14 | 12/25/14 | 12/26/14 | Probability: | 30% | 50% | 50% | 40% | 60% | Impact: | Low | Medium | Medium | Medium | Medium | Description: | Performance Risk: The amount of uncertaintythat the merchandise will meet its requirements andbe fit for its projected use | Schedule Risk: Loss of data can be another risk when converting or you may have rewrite code also or converting rate may go wrong and then the company may have to manually convert and that can take hours and deadlines could not be met and also the uncertainty that the product will be delivered on time | Software Risk: When installing the software before conversion , it is recommended to do a costume install rather than express, because information may not get converting over properly, this can cause a loss of coding or files | Technical Risk: These risk threaten the quality and timeline of the software being produced. If this becomes a reality implementation could become difficult or impossible | Cost Risk: This is the degree of uncertainty that project budget will be maintained | Refinement/Context: | 1.The newer database may have some glitches, that could potentially may not have it work properly or may not work at all | 1.The amount of uncertainty thatthe project schedule will be upheld andthat the merchandise will be distributed on time and is on schedule | 1. The newer software will be considered in categories, such as project risk, and business risk. 2. These are some things to consider when wanting to accomplish it right | 1.Back up your data in case you lose any while transferring offline or online and by converting statements from SQL to oracle statements need to have a well database connection in order for them to

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