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the blatant opportunist 24 by Don Lancaster Risk Reduction ou can call it mythology or urban lore, or anything you care to. But the quaint concept of "get an idea; patent it; and then beat the cash waving Fortune 500 companies back with a stick" is dead wrong. It simply has no rational basis in the real world. Things flat out don’t work that way. They never have. And almost certainly never will. As we’ve seen lots of times before, perceiving yourself as an "inventor" and behaving like one is monumentally dumb. All this does is open yourself up to every ripoff and scam in the book. Plus a few that have not yet made print. Virtually guaranteeing you an uneven playing field. One that nearly always leads you to a net loss of time, money, energy, and sanity. Fer sure. Instead, I’d like to share with you an alternate concept that has worked out quite well for me. And seems to work for the overwhelming majority of midnight engineers who have tried it and profited from it. The concept is this: You perceive yourself as a purveyor of risk reduction. What this can do is completely inside out the problem. You ask yourself just why any manufacturing or marketing company would ever decide to pay you for anything. The obvious answer is that they should gladly pay you for just about anything which genuinely and truly (A) saves them time; (B) saves them money; (C) provides them with instant expertise; (D) increases the awareness and motivation of their customers; or otherwise (E) greatly improves the odds of their ongoing success. Not only will they gladly pay you for those services, but they will most assuredly keep coming back to you. So long as they still retain the expectation that their involvement with you continues to save them time and money. And so long as you keep reducing their risks. As a purveyor of risk reduction, you can still do most of the things a mythical

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