Risk Management Programe in Usa Essay

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Risk Management Program I. OBJECTIVE The department focuses on identification and prevention of risk exposures within the organization that could: • Cause injury to patients, visitors, and employees • Jeopardize the safety and security of the environment • Result in costly claims and lawsuits with subsequent financial loss to the organization II. ORGANIZATION The Risk Management Program is a component of Hospital Administration. The Chief Operating Officer and Director of Risk Management are responsible for the implementation and operation of the Risk Management Program. III. PROGRAM COMPONENTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. IV. Loss control prevention, which consists of identifying potentially compensable events, medical malpractice claims, risk assessments, occurrence reporting and management of the Administrative policy and procedure manual. Facilitation of Root Cause Analysis. Facilitation of Failure Modes and Effects Analysis. Appropriate education programs, hospital wide or department-specific, will be developed as needed. These programs will be suggested as a result of tracking and trending. Hospital event and incident reporting (Department of Health, Office of Mental Health, JCAHO-Sentinel Event, and Office of Professional Discipline). Support Clinical Quality Improvement Committee. ACTIVITIES 1. Loss Control and Prevention • Potentially Compensable Events (PCEs) - are identified through various mechanisms including, but not limited to notices of intention, claims, quality reviews, risk assessments, incident reports and survey findings. • Claims - Risk conducts a quality investigation on all Claims and provides essential Case information to in-house counsel and the Attorney Generals office. Information includes, but is not limited to related policies and procedures. All Claims are presented at the Clinical

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