Risk Management Plan

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Purpose and Scope This plan documents the processes, tools and procedures that will be used to manage and control those events that could have a negative impact on the Orange Creek Network Infrastructure Proposal. It’s the controlling document for managing and controlling all project and networking risks including, but not limited to: • General Risk o Loss or Theft of Hardware of hardware o Data Compromise o Use of device for attacks o Loss of data/programs o User security mistakes (weak/no password, not logging off) o Poor software maintenance o Unsolicited messages (email, IM, voice) • Cyber-Security Risk o Sniffing o Spoofing o Mapping o Session Hijacking o DoS and DDoS o Malware o Phishing o Worms o Trojans o Viruses Risk Plan Objective The project will meet the following objectives: • Risk Identification Risk identification consists of determining which risks are likely to affect the project and documenting the characteristics of each. • Risk Assessment Risk assessment is the act of determining the probability that a risk will occur and the impact that event would have, should it occur. • Risk Mitigation Risk mitigation involves identifying the various activities, or steps, to reduce the probability and/or impact of a risk and the creation of a Contingency Plan to deal with the risk should it occur. Deliverables Produced Deliverable 1 Deliverable 2 Deliverable 3 Project Risks Risk I Risk II Risk III Disaster Recovery Plan Types of Teams In the Event of a Disaster Recovery Scenarios Minor Damage Scenarios Major Damage Recovery

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