Risk Management Assesment Essay

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Risk Management Assessment Summary Linda Flareau HCS/451 4/09/2012 Instructor Lisa Kehlenbrink Risk management is very valuable for organizations in maintaining an organized and safe working environment. The purpose of risk management is for an organization to thrive and succeed and every enterprise of an organization takes on the chances of some type of risk with the organizations existence. With the intent to eliminating all serious risk within an organization there is a development of risk management. Risk management acknowledges the organization to identifying and assessing risks that the company may come across, with this risks that are too great can be more easily avoided. Within my paper I will assess the risk management within the pharmacy industry. With risk management being utilized with the health care industry being used for the same choices as to other organizations and this is to eliminate or minimize any risks that may possibly do harm to an organization and everyone involved. With the health care industry, risk management is a important part to the area of the organization as it is a must to deal with people of the public ( MCLaughlin & Kaluzny, 2006 ). Risk management is developed into pharmacies with the reason of minimizing errors of medication as well as preventing the failure of quality. The organization of the State Pharmacy association does it job to making sure that the reduction of risk of any errors and/or mistakes. With comparison to the health care organization the pharmacy has to deal with medication as well as people. The littlest mistake can lead to great harm and a potential to the loss of life. By utilizing risk management this not only lowers mistakes or errors but also reducing the extra price that happens because of mistakes that increases with the safety of the patients (Mullarkey, 2009). Pharmacy Quality

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