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Task 1 (C) – JIT2 Risk Management Western Governors University C. Recommendations Create an implementation plan in which you recommend ways of implementing, monitoring and adjusting the BCP. For the task of creating a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), I will follow a logical and systematic formula for implementation, monitoring and reviewing the plan for United Health Group. The goal is to minimize the impact of any disruption by containing it within a predictable and predetermined period of time. To do this, I recommend that this plan be developed and implemented with as many preventative controls, contingency resources, and procedures designed to allow the organization to quicky bounce back from any long-term business interruption. With this document I’ll present a workable DR plan that focuses not only on safeguarding critical data but also on the restoration of all normal business functions. The process for developing a sound Disaster Recovery plan will involve many layers of detail from the obvious to the not so obvious. Since disasters are by their nature unpredictable, this DR plan must be thorough enough to provide a certain amount of relief to know that if one does occur, the affects on the business will not be catastrophic. Disaster Recovery Topics: 1. Secure executive-level leadership commitment Senior leadership buy-in and support is critical to the long-term success of any enterprise level initiative. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans are no different. Further, securing their involvement in the development various aspects of the plan will set the tone for cooperation from all levels of the business. Appropriate time and effort commitments must be endorsed by senior leaders to ensure that an effective plan can be developed. 2. Organize a DR Plan planning team Knowledge experts from all functional areas of the business

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