Risk Assessment Essay

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Risk Assessment Pedro Horta Strayer University 14 January 2014 Risk Assessment Risk assessment is defined as a process in which an evaluation is done of potential risks in a projected activity. Everything we do has some type of risk and normally we conduct a risk assessment without even realizing it. A risk assessment can be completed utilizing different techniques. First, identify the hazard or threats then distinguish the vulnerability. Finally, identify the threats and impacts. Risk Assessment is constantly being conducted by businesses, government employees, Police officers, Firefighters, and Military Personnel. Risk assessment is not only limited to businesses or organizations, but parents are constantly doing risk assessments in life. It’s amazing something so common can also be done incorrectly and tragedies can occur. Risk assessment has become the catalyst to emergency management due to the fact that it has provided some insight of how to avoid situations. For example, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) conducts risk assessments for Hurricanes. This is a good practice because the tragedies Hurricanes can cause, for example Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Katrina. Businesses conduct risk assessments to develop necessary measures and precautions required to take care of incoming danger. When Identifying and prioritizing hazards, management should determine who and how might be harmed; risks are evaluated and a course of action on dealing with these risks is developed (Five Step Guide to Risk Assessment, 2013). A record of discoveries should be maintained. By reviewing the evaluation and making on the spot corrections, risk assessments will assist in a more successful course of action. The Emergency management is closely tied to the risk evaluation process. An emergency management program which

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