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P3: There are five steps to the risk assessment. The first step is to identify the hazard/s; an example of a hazard would be a broken chair, this step would be taken to reduce harm to people. To identify these hazards one could walk around looking for hazardous things, they could also ask there colleges to be vigilant in identifying potential hazards. To identify less obvious hazards you should look back at your accident and ill health records. The second step to the risk assessment is to decide who might be harmed. This step should be taken as it would help to find the best way of managing the risk. A way of deciding who might be harmed is to put workers into categories such as ‘cleaners’ and to give special requirements to some group of workers such as new and young workers, expectant or new mothers and people with disabilities. It also important to make sure members of the public are not harmed by your work activities. The third step of the risk assessment is to evaluate the risk and decide on precautions. This step should be taken as having spotted the hazards you then should decide what to do about it. A way of evaluating the risk is to think about what controls you already have placed and how the work is organised. The risks could be controlled by issuing personal protective equipment (gloves, hats and boots) and by providing welfare facilities such as first aid. The fourth step is to record your finding and implement them, this means to put the result of your risk assessment into practice. This step should always be taken as it could stop further injuries or harm to others and would improve the work place. A way of doing this would be to do regular checks to make sure the control measures stay in place or by arranging training for the employees on the main risks and how they are to be controlled. The last step is to review the risk

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