Risk Assessment Essay

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Premises/Activity Assessed:McCormack Opticians, 73-75 Kirkby Road, Hemsworth, WF9 4AS | Assessor’s Name:Steven McCormack | Date:1/12/2012 | Review Date:1/12/2013 | What are the Hazards? | Who Might Be Harmed And How? | Existing Controls | Risk | Further Controls | Action by Whom? | Target Date | Date Completed | | | | L | S | R | | | | | Slips And Trips | Staff, Public, Visitors And Contractors May Be Injured If They Trip Over Objects Or Slip On Spillages | * General Good Housekeeping * All Area’s Well Lit, Including Stairs * No Trailing Leads Or Cables * Staff keep Work Areas Clear, Eg No Boxes Left In Walkways, Deliveries Stored Immediately * Offices Clean And Tidy Every Evening | 3 | 1 | L | No Additional Controls Are Required, Ensure That The Controls Are Maintained | N/A | N/A | N/A | Manual Handling Of Paper, Office Equipment, Deliveries, Etc | Staff Risk Injuries Or Back Pain From Handling Heavy And Bulky Objects, Eg Deliveries | * Trolley Used To Transport Boxes And Other Heavy Items * High Shelves For Light Objects * Staff Told That They Should Not Try To Lift Objects That Look Or Appear Too Heavy To Handle | 2 | 1 | VL | No Additional Controls Are Required, Ensure That The Controls Are Maintained | N/A | N/A | N/A | Display Screen Equipment | Staff Risk Posture Problems And Pain, Discomfort, Or Injuries, Eg To Their Hands/Arms, From Overuse Or Improper Use Or From Poorly Designed Workstations Or Work Environments. Headaches Or Sore Eyes Can Also Occur Eg If The Lighting Is Poor | * Workstation And Equipment Set To Ensure Good Posture And To Avoid Glare And Reflections On The Screen * Shared Workstations Are Assessed For All Users * Work Planned To Include Regular Breaks Or Change Of Activity * Lighting And Temperature Suitable Controlled * Adjustable Blinds At Window To Control Natural Light On Screen *

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