Risk Assesment Essay

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IE 498 RISK ASSESSMENT & ANALYSIS 1. Consider possible sources of risk to a family in a home environment. i) List possible sources of risk and prepare a risk assessment and response matrix. ii) For each potential risk sources, give a qualitative estimate of likelihood and consequence level. iii) For each potential risk source, provide a discussion of possible responses. In our homework, we will discuss the following the risks without dividing to its numbers, but we will divide them according to their place of event. There are several risks for a family in a home environment. Although these risks affect the families differently depending on their precaution levels, there are general certain ones to list. It is much easier to observe the risk, if we divide them into rooms or areas: * The bathroom: Bathroom is the most common place to have an accident or injury, because this is the most slippery and wet area in a home environment. However, there are some simple precautions to take in a bathroom. To avoid the injuries while taking a shower, we can put a bathmat into the shower tub, so that we can avoid severe injuries, like falling down, hitting the head to any sharp edges or breaking an arm or a leg. * The stairs: There is a high amount of risk while on the stair because the stairs contain height difference. Especially, there can be a tendency to fall while carrying something or when there is not enough light. This can result is an imbalance and therefore a falling. In a home environment, this risk increases substantially if elder people or babies are present. The reason for this is the likelihood and level of consequence is really high. As a result, these stairs accidents create one of the most important accidents among others. As a precaution, we can add hand railing near to the stairs or as another precaution we

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