Risk Assesment Essay

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Risk assessment Name: Course code: Student Number Tutor: Date: Introduction The main purpose of this presentation assessment is to analyze, identify and come up with several ways of calculating the risk. It will also give an overall skeleton of the type of risks that seems to be a threat to the residence of UK. It includes the use of graphs as a way of comparing the likelihood of occurrence and their consequences. The document will also outline the procedures that the government does to curb up with risk in the affected victims. Risk Assessment For different risks to be identified and analyzed, past analysis and numerical models have to be used to estimate the possibility of risk occurring. Possibility of the two using the judgment of expertise in risk analysis, can be employed to give approximate possibility of the occurrence of the event. Risk can also be assessed by the use of two different risk matrices of two different scales which may not be compared directly to one another thus one may be having high threat than the other. Rating of the risk Risks can be quantified or qualified through several fatalities that may be linked to emergencies as well as ailments or injury that may cause to the people for a period that follows the occurrence of the emergencies. Risks can also be quantified or qualified through the disruption to people’s social daily lives. Different social disruption are accounted ranging from limited access to institutions like schools and health centers to inability to get significant services like water, edibles and fuel. Furthermore, it can bring harm to the economy and also can cause impacts on psychological stability thus causing widespread anxiety and lose of courage to the communities. Type of risks The following risks are considered to be of high priority by the government taking into accounting both possibility of

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