Rise & Fall Of Muslim Expansion

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The Muslims began their spread into the northwest when they captured Syria and Palestine in the 638. Which split the Byzantine Empire in two. After the Muslim moved towards Egypt. From there they advanced across northern Africa and up towards Spain, gaining many converts along the way. Eventually the Islamic empire was weakened from civil war and political issues. Their growth was eventually stopped by the Christians in 1492. During the conquest of Syria and Palestine, the Muslims captured the rich Syrian trade center Damascus in 635, which became their capitol and the location of the caliphs. One year later Islam had took control of the Mediterranean coast reaching from Palestine to the Taurus Mountains. Islamic leaders decided not to advance any farther north, because they were opposed to climbing over the Taurus Mountains, and were intimidated by the military strength of the Byzantine that would be in the middle of the empire. Therefore, the Muslims moved towards Egypt. The Islamic soldiers began their advanced towards Egypt in late 639. They conquered towns and villages in the Nile Delta on the way. They reached the Egyptian city of Alexandria in 642, and took over after a siege of several months. This achievement opened up new opportunities to gain more ground in Africa. Within only a few years, Islamic armies had scattered along the coast west of Alexandria as far as Tripoli in Libya. The Muslims were also gaining many converts along the way. The Egyptians not only accepted the new religion, but they adopted Arabic as their new language. In only about 15 years, Muslims gained a vast amount of land. They occupied much of northern Africa, and also the Byzantine territories as far as the island of Cyprus. By the early 700’s the Muslims began to make their way up north towards Spain. In only a few years of fighting the Muslims were able to take control of

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