Rippon Lea Estate Market Analysis

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MARKET ANALYSIS Our project – Movie By The Lawn plans to hold this event at Rippon Lea. As listed from the National Trust Annual Report 2009 -2010, the major events that this venue holds are the annual Teddy Bears event, Easter Egg Hunt, Iavish Devonshire Tea in the Ballroom for Mother’s Day and the Peter Pan production. It is clear that Rippon Lea’s target market is family. However, because it’s target market is too small, that over the years as seen from its financial statements in the past National Trust Annual Reports that it has made losses rather profits. This shows that it does not have a sufficient market to sustain the business. Having a small target market is a problem, and we wish to assist the venue to increase its visitor numbers by expanding its target market, create its exposure by holding the event that we have created. Movie By The Lawn is an event that allows the whole community to come together to share happiness within a night together. Movie will be played during the event, as it is the key entertainment of the night for all attendees. Our project aims to have a target of 750 attendees. Although this particular event is rather general, its target market is rather broad. It includes families, elderlies, couples, and youths. Movie By The Lawn will be held at the Rippon Lea Estate Garden. Due to its location, it only manages to attract approximately 2,400 visitors for each event (National Trust of Australia Annual Report 2008 – 09). We wish to hold another general event that would have a greater target market and will attract more visitors. Visitors that are outside its local area, such as people from the business district. For business people would require entertainment that does not last over half a day. This event, Movie By The Lawn, is just perfect for them. According to the National Trust Annual Report 2009 – 2010, the company

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