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Cristina Dumbrique Mr. Miesko Writing 39B 5 December 2013 Writer’s Memo With technology constantly changing in the US, I wanted my audience to realize that just because something new seems good, it can have negative side effects that will not be seen until later. I accomplished this by publishing an article in the commonly read magazine Parenting that is geared towards mothers. I chose to assume the role of the executive editor in order for the audience to see that this information is coming from a reliable source. This article appears in a section of the magazine that reviews new, relevant products and evaluates how safe they are for family oriented use. One product in particular, a new nicotine-dispensing device, has been recently growing in popularity. This new device called an electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, allows the user to inhale nicotine through vapors, offering an alternative to the traditional cigarette. Although, many people believe this to be a great product for long time smokers or those trying to quit, many people are also currently under the impression that it is safe for pregnant women. Without much research being done in this field, people assume that because there is a lack of carcinogens in this product that it must pose no harmful side effects to their future child. Dr. Douglas Bettcher, director of WHO’s Tobacco Free Initiative Department, asserts that there is “absolutely no scientific evidence whatsoever that would confirm that the electronic cigarette is a safe and effective smoking cessation device.” In my article, I hoped to inform my audience that there is not sufficient evidence to suggest that this is a healthy activity to engage in while bearing a child. Although certain products may seem very promising in the beginning, without extensive research, there is still a large possibility that there can be negative side

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