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_______ out of 20 Name:______________________________ “Rip Van Winkle” by Washington Irving Date:_______________Period #:_________ After reading the short story, please respond to the questions below. Please respond in complete sentences. 1. What details in “Rip Van Winkle” do you think reveal a Romantic fascination with the past and nature? Find some descriptions of the setting that you think reflect a Romantic’s point of view. Provide at least 2 specific descriptions. (4 points) 2. Even though Rip was a failure as a farmer, he was successful as a human being. What were his most praiseworthy qualities? Explain. 3. Dame Van Winkle and Rip are stereotyped characters that have been found in literature throughout the ages – the nagging wife and the henpecked husband. Can you identify these characters types in current literature and in popular movies and TV shows? Provide me with two current examples of these types of stereotyped characters. 4. When Rip returns to his village, he learns that Dame Van Winkle has died and that his fellow Americans liberated themselves from English rule in a revolutionary war. What do the war and the death of Rip’s wife have in common in terms of how Rip and the colonialists will live the rest of their lives? Explain. 5. One of the hallmarks of Irving’s humor is his use of inflated diction (pompous, high-flown language) to describe commonplace things. For example, rather than simply saying that Rip is “lazy,” or that he “hates work,” Irving states that Rip has “an insuperable aversion to all kinds of profitable labor.” Now that you have read the story, go back and find two more examples of Irving’s use of inflated diction. Write the sentence as it is in the story, and then rephrase each example in common language. (8 points) Example #1: Translation: Example #2:

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