Riordan's Manufacturing Strategy Essay

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Riordan’s Manufacturing Strategy Riordan’s Manufacturing adopted the mixed manufacturing strategy, which has combined the variable work hours, the level strategy, and the stable workforce that is the most widely used in many other industries. A mixed strategy is a type of planning strategy that will use two or more variable that are controllable in order to set a production plan that is feasible. By using the two strategies combined Riordan can take an advantage of a workforce that is well-trained because of lower turnover, the rates of production has never changed, workers that are more experienced, and lower absenteeism. The talent and human capital is managed by Riordan manufacturing as strategic assets. By aligning the workforce with the business objectives they achieved the performance metrics that monitored, improved results, and drove the decisions. By performing this strategy it shows how Riordan Manufacturing can align their technology and talent management strategy to effectively manage the workforce to effectively become in the future the best marketplace leader. Supplier Relationship The efficiency of performance must be exercised in the processes of all manufacturing to avoid any wasting by Riordan Manufacturing, They must keep accurate records and to calculate the numerical value for efficiency to evaluate the adjustments to production that must be made to current processes. There are two metrics that Riordan Manufacturing can use to evaluate performance of the supply chain. The metric of delivery performance is the percentage of the shipped customer orders when they are requested from the customer. This policy should not be modified to accommodate promises in shipping or accommodate company policies. This metric is strictly used to meet the requirement of the customer. By using this metric the manufacturer can improve the average

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