Riordan Service Request Part 3 Business Plan

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Riordan Service Request: Part 3 BSA/375 March 3, 2014 Michael James, IT Program Instructor System Implementation The implementation stage may very well be the most imperative part of the process. This stage will require the expertise from many different departments, all working together towards the same goal. Considering that this is an automated system, and depends heavily on an IT platform, the main pair of departments to concentrate on would be the human resource management, and the IT departments. Then, other departments to consider would be operations management and then the financial department of course, as these two would also be quite important to the system overall. Implementation 6-Stage Process The six major activities for the implementation stage, which are each just as important as the next, are as follows: • Coding o The standards and procedures to use during the development of system…show more content…
For the end-users, who in this case are the organization’s employees and non-technical staff, it would be advisable to take a task-oriented approach to the documentation process. This would mean that the documentation would solely focus on describing individual commands as applied within the system and their implication to both end-users and system administrators. User documentation would therefore include instructions on how to get started with the system, as well as explaining the precise functionality of the new system. This would ensure that the transition from the old system to the new one would not be overly complicated for the employees. System documentation intended for the Information System personnel or system administrators would include technical details to guide them during maintenance and upgrades. This would incorporate such information as the system’s design specifications as well as its overall internal

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