Riordan Manufacturing Project Proposal Essay

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Riordan Manufacturing Project Proposal University of Phoenix CIS 205: Management Information Systems   Riordan Manufacturing Project Proposal In response to the service request from Mr. McCauley, we offer this proposal for computerization of the existing manufacturing and inventory systems, including purchasing, invoicing and shipping. Executive Summary Areas of the business to be improved are: • Inventory • Manufacturing Purpose of the project: • Utilization of computerization to improve efficiency of above departments. Stakeholders: • IT Department • Manufacturing (Operations) Department Synopsis Create a system to organize inventory, manufacturing and information storage/retrieval effectively and efficiently, and have the Riordan sites from California to China (and all points in between) functioning on the same Operating Systems (OS). The upgrade will be accomplished by performing the following: • Design a uniform, company-wide network utilizing identical operating systems at all sites and having a unified brand name for all hardware. Include extended warranties • Ensure that all purchased software will be of the same configuration. Business Requirements The critical need is to standardize processes across the entire corporation. A web page access system is required in order to simplify and improve the existing customer-order placement method. A system of scanners and barcode placements is required which allows: • Direct information input into a central database. • Elimination of manual comparison of various written forms and reports. All systems must be integrated in order to facilitate communications and continuous, real-time updating. Such a unified system will allow increased accuracy in tracking manufacturing and delivery. Finance and Accounting Process Riordan Manufacturing has

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