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RUNNING HEAD: RIORDAN MANUFACTURING PROJECT Riordan Manufacturing Project University of Phoenix/BSA/376 Determination of requirements Information for the development of a MRP system proposal was gathered in a variety of ways. First team members gather information from watching people working in the shipping and receiving department, warehouse and other departments that would be affected by this proposal. The team also looked at the infrastructure currently in-place at every Riordan Manufacturing plant to see if it could support the new system. The team conducted interviews with the inventory clerk, management and warehouse workers to name a few. Team members also looked at the networking capabilities, computer systems at each plant. The team decided that a few Joint Application Development sessions would be appropriate in order to assist the team determine and understand the requirements. The…show more content…
By earning international acclaim for the plastic bottle designs will give Riordan manufacturing the reputation as a leader in the plastic bottle manufacturing industry. The use of computer aided manufacturing will enable Riordan to reduce the cost of producing plastic bottles and will limit the amount of usage of labor from human operators with the further use of the Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) system will reorder parts automatically and update information to the machines instantly while creating a consistent product. This makes both requirements mandatory for manufacturer ideal. (,

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