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Business Sustainability Assessment Worksheet: China Use this worksheet to conduct a sustainability audit of Riordan Manufacturing, a virtual plastic injection molding company. Fill in all necessary information. Production stages that do not occur at this plant are marked as N/A. Section 1: General Information Company: Riordan Manufacturing, Hangzhou, China Products: Plastic fan blades and housings Section 2: Production For each production stage, list input materials such as raw materials or output from previous stages, and output materials such as products, byproducts, wastes, or pollutants. Describe the process used at each stage and identify the least sustainable practices. Production Stage 1: Receiving | Input Materials | | Output Materials | Preassembled motorsPlastic polymers | | Preassembled motorsPlastic polymers | Briefly describe the receiving process:The preassembled motors and plastic polymers are purchased from local Chinese companies. After receiving the plastic polymers, they are sent to be melted into molds for miscellaneous parts. | Briefly describe any nonsustainable aspects of this production stage:The company does not produce the motors in-house; therefore they are wholly dependent upon an outside company for success. The same goes for the much needed polymers. If any part of the supply chain fails, the company would be in jeopardy of failing. | Production Stage 2: Mixing | Input Materials | | Output Materials | N/A | | N/A | Briefly describe the mixing process:N/A | Briefly describe any nonsustainable aspects of this production stage:N/A | Production Stage 3: Molding | Input Materials | | Output Materials | Plastic polymers | | Molded fan bladesFan housingsMiscellaneous parts | Briefly describe the molding process:The polymers, after being received, are melted at precisely controlled

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