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Week 5 paper was combined from the efforts of Team B and will cover a load of information about the strategic plan that Riordan Manufacturing currently uses. Included in this paper will be an environmental scan for Riordan, a formation of a strategy, ways of execution towards a strategy and some different evaluations and operations already completed by the company. Team B feels there is a substantial quantity of information that has been developed from these methods that will be able to aid Riordan with greater success towards the operations within the business. With this being said, Riordan has been able to gain with the use of these methods that this paper will describe to become a leader in the industry as well as a leading competitor. Today Riordan is known as an organization that is leading the way for other companies in the development and creation of the plastic injection molding. Riordan has products that are found every day from the products we drink our sodas and water out of, custom automotive parts, in our computers and newest cell phones. Riordan is also a big name in the medical field with the uses of prosthetics and orthotics and even internally with values, tubes, and sterns for heart surgeries. Riordan offers an extensive line of products for whatever the customer might need in many places like hospitals, airports, car dealerships and mechanic shops, and even grocery stores. Currently Riordan is a medium size company employing fewer than 600 employees in two locations in the United States, and one in China. Riordan is very well aware that in order to compete with and even outdoes their competitors; they much have a strong strategic plan in place. This paper will be able to take a deeper examination of what direction Riordan will take, and also include some guidance for Riordan while overviewing their environmental scanning, the formulation of the

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