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Riordan manufacturing takes business continuity as important priority. To start of defining what business continuity, it is the process and procedures a puts into place to continue the functions of a business in many different situations. Every business must be prepared for natural disasters or unforeseen occurrences that can affect business operations. In this events there must be a plan that can be put into effect immediately to prevent a huge loss of business. You must look at previous occurrences with many different business and analyze the failures and what they could of done to have the business continuity. The business continuity is the one of the toughest decisions to make we have seen government failure from different occurrences. We need to understand that everyone is vulnerable even our government has failed to have a strategic plan for business continuity. Riordan will have many different plans to make sure in any give situation business can continue. Riordan makes different types of plastics this is the company specialty. Riordan will contract with 3 different plastic manufactures that meet the strict criteria of Riordan as back up facility in the event of a loss. This plan if ever needed to be used does have its pros and cons. The benefit of this plan is production will not stop and orders can still be fulfilled and excellent customer service can continue. The cons of this are increased pricing from contracted facility which leads to less profit margin and also Riordan employee being out of work for extended periods of time. The bigger picture will show yes we did have some type of failure but as a company we still delivered our products and services flawlessly. Lastly the technology aspect of Riordan is increasing so information will be stored on cloud based system . This offers superior backup and access to any information that is necessary.

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