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Riordan Manufacturing Production Plan Running head: RIORDAN MANUFACTURING PRODUCTION PLAN Riordan Manufacturing Production Plan Linda Head, Jamie Ingram, Charles Johnson and Carmelita Luhrsen University of Phoenix OPS/571 – . This paper examines Riordan’s supply chain and offers suggestions to improve its process management, production plan, increase quality and lower costs while following lean manufacturing principles. Riordan Manufacturing’s Supply Chain The process of the supply chain in any industry consists of a network of organizations linked together. The chain of the supply filters from the service and supply network to the suppliers, to the service support operations and local service providers, and finally to the consumer. It is the interconnection of goods from a point of origin to a point of consumption. In the case of high-tech company Riordan Manufacturing, it is imperative that management strategically configure the performance of the supply chain design of fans, consisting of electric motors and plastic polymers, from China’s operating plant, to its final destination and the customer. The China plant first purchases already assembled electric motor units necessary for a fan. Next, the plant receives polymers used to create molds for the specific parts needed for the fans. Once these items are processed, a complete fan model is assembled and packaged. The fans are then stored in the stockroom in anticipation of a sale. Should a customer request a custom fan, meaning one in which the parts differ in design and production process, Riordan implements what is known as a production pilot run, or custom assembly. Typically the production of an order is determined by forecasting based on average sales for the last three years. In the case of a custom fan however, a follow-on order is implemented “based on the customers indicating what their estimated

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