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Problem Solution: Riordan Manufacturing When it comes to the plastic injection molding industry, Riordan is the leading manufacturer. With revenues exceeding $1 billion, Riordan Manufacturing is a division of Riordan Industries. The company is staffed at about 550 employees and its total revenue is estimated at $46 billion. The company is infamous for its international creative plastic designs that have resulted in a top of the line manufacturing development. The company’s success is contributed to its heightened level of accuracy, frequent inspection, and reliable value of its products. Riordan has locations throughout Michigan, California, and China. Although the company is the forefront in the plastics industry, it has been having problems throughout the company due to its organizational makeup. The employees at Riordan have been suffering from lack of motivation as well as low productivity. This is due in part because of the policies focusing on rewarding its employees. The lack of motivation has affected employees’ productivity and this presents a problem for Riordan even though the company has shown its diversity in the composition of its workforce. The decreased level of productivity has affected Riordan’s most important business practices (Peter & Donnelly, 2002). The company’s main goal is to guarantee that products are always at the top of the line and its employees are giving a fair and generous compensation package. This leads Riordan to believe this will generate high productivity and motivation as well as decrease employee turnover. This paper will focus on the challenges that are confronting Riordan the opportunities presented that will lead to increased employee motivation as well as high productivity levels. Situation Analysis Issue and Opportunity Identification Riordan’s most prominent problem is the lack of overall direction. Because of this,

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