Rim Hris Strategy Essay

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Research in Motion case analysis Based on a detailed analysis of Research in Motion (RIM) current market and financial position, the following issues were identified: from a business standpoint, the company needs to address rapid industry growth to overcome the threat of competition and need for product innovation. (Appendix, SWOT Analysis) From organizational standpoint, the challenge is to address and revisit recruitment strategies to lead in the competition of acquiring top talent. (Appendix, SWOT Analysis) The financial issue is to invest into research and development and continuously maintain it at a level that is proportioned to sales. (Appendix, Strategic Issues List) Mobile telephone users market within telecommunication industry has grown rapidly worldwide and got to maturity stage of the product life cycle in the USmarket. Smartphone users market is still under development and is in rapid growth stage of its life cycle. (Appendix, Industry’s Dominant Economic Features) By the end of 2007, the number of wireless subscriber connections worldwide reached 3 billion. In US, number of smartphones users doubled in 2007. (Appendix, Dominant Economic Features) This rapid growth is caused by increasing consumer demand derived by changing consumer demographics and need for innovation. Advancement in technology is causing a shift in users’ preferences: from business enterprise use only to individual use as well; smartphones became a social phenomenal referred to as “crackberry” (used to describe addictive use of Blackberry). Given the intense rivalry among the competing sellers in the industry, key success factors for winning players are: going global, investing in research and development, keeping up with technology innovation, and having top talent recruitment. (Appendix, KSF List) Most of the key players in the industry are

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