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1. How important is it for RIM to grow its pool of software developers? It is very important for Research in Motion (RIM) to grow its pool of software developers due to the numerous competing platforms there are in mobile communication. With the advances in technology and the high demand in this industry they must be on top of the new trends and be able to come up with new ideas to maintain their success within this competitive field. 2. What are the different options for substantially increasing the number of software developers? a. Do what we do now, only more of it (Recruitment): RIM has a strategic recruitment plan that has been successful in hiring local talent. They also target campuses as a form of nationwide recruitment strategy. They can form a global recruitment group to expand their pool of potential developers as well as optimize their online hiring strategy to make sure qualified talent does not get overlooked. b. Grow and Expand Existing Geographies: By establishing operations in different locations they are able to expand and increase the amount of software developers they can reach. Though they must be strategic in where they open new facilities to target areas where they recruit, were talent may be found, and where they can compete with other mobile communication companies. c. Increase acquisitions: “Growth by acquisition was a common practice in the high tech and telecommunications sectors” and RIM took advantage of this practice. By acquiring other business they are able to expand and obtain software and talent from these businesses. d. Go global: Though RIM would prefer to stay close to home, in Waterloo, they knew in order to expand and continue to reach more software developers they would have to go global. 3. Which option(s) should RIM pursue? Why? I think RIM should pursue the recruitment aspect

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