Rikos: A Brief Narrative Fiction

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Chapter six The woods were quiet as Rikuro and I ran, the feeling of the brush tickling my ankles as it rushed passed me helped me shed my frustration. I flung kunai at trees to keep track of where we had been and where we hadn’t. we checked a few miles ahead of the others, the two of us covered a lot of ground in a small amount of time. For once, Rikuro stayed focused on something other than me. I looked over at him and my mind went back to the memory id gotten lost in during my turn as sentry. I tried to picture the way Rikuro had looked back then. It had been fourteen years since that day, Rikuro would have been the same age as me. Rikuro had become a chunin two years ago, the same time I should have. Goro had been right, the ninja committee was wary to let me advance. Most likely if they had known who I was going to connect with they wouldn’t have even let me join the ninja academy. His face flashed in my mind again, my hands balled into tight fists instantly. My soul burned to destroy him, it was a consuming need that fueled everything I did. The days without sleep and the torturous work outs that pushed my body far past its limits, everything was dedicated to the act of taking him down. Rikuro suddenly stopped without me noticing and I thumped into him, sending the both of us to the ground. Rikuro…show more content…
I did a few hand signs, my blood smearing onto my other hand and dribbling onto the ground in front of me. When the hand signs were completed I took a deep breath and pictured the alpha wolf in my mind. Then with as much force as I could handle I slammed my right hand, palm down, into the dirt by my feet. My chakra flowed into the seal on my hand and then out onto the ground, I could feel the energy and strength draining from myself. The ground rumbled violently for a few very long minutes. When it stopped a large black wolf stood before me. His head cleared the tree tops by several feet and his two tails barely skimmed the forest

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