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Government 6 Rights of Juveniles and Students The rights of teens in the United States; has always been an issue in which teens seem like they have no rights within in this country. But unfortunately that is that the case. Teens do have rights it’s just that in certain areas in which they seem to be, makes their rights limited. In the following paper I have am going to discuss three key cases that teens should be aware about and how it would affect them in their daily lives and my opinion on which I am against it or if I agree with it. New Jersey v. T.LO (1985) T.L.O (Terry), was caught smoking weed in a school bathroom by a teacher. She was asked to examine her purse for what it contained. Inside her purse was a pack of cigarettes rolling papers, and a small amount of marijuana. In her case she was found guilty and of possession of marijuana and was placed on probation. She appealed her case claiming that the search of her purse violated her Fourth Amendment (unreasonable searches and seizures). The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the school. Saying that students have “legitimate expectation of privacy,” the court also said that, “with the schools responsibility for “maintaining an environment in which learning can take place.” The Supreme Court…show more content…
Des Moines Independent School District (1965) Issue: You Have the Right to Express Yourself Up to A Certain Point Three teens wore black armbands to a school in Des Moines, Iowa, to protest the war in Vietnam. School officials told them to remove the armbands, and when they refused they were suspended, and the parents sued the district, claiming it was in violation of their first amendment right of freedom of speech. When the Supreme Court got the case and looked it over they sided with the students they said “students and teachers don’t shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate”. The court did not grant students to an unlimited right ti self

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