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Rights Of Accused Essay

  • Submitted by: idriss86
  • on April 11, 2012
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Rights of Accused

Define due process and its origins.

The rights of accused are one of the first rights that are created in the first steps, as mention in the declaration of independence. In some cases, the rights of accused make the guilty person walk free, because there are non enofe   evidences that prove these individuals were guilty, the main purpose of The right of accused is   assumes that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. In today`s society people are more wondering if the accused should benefit from the same rights as other citizen. As result, many rights came be victorious, from resolutions the Supreme Court and other describe in the Constitution of the United State of America such as the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments in the Bill of Rights; also the Article 1, Section9 from the Constitution state a writ of Habeas Corpus (pol book page 35), moreover in 1960 Supreme Court develop the rights of the accused by pushing the government providing an attorney for the guilty person if he/she cannot afford it.  

Explain how due process protects the accused against abuses by the federal government.

There are many processing steps to protect the accused against abuses by the federal government. First of all, The Fourth Amendment explains police action; which is limiting the unwarranted searches, and forbid jailing without any reasonable reasons. Amendment Five, report the way we should use to get the right information and use it in the court as an evidences, also the Amendment Five put away the illegal interrogations, and giving the accused the right to remain silent. Second, Amendment Six give right to pretrial prompt arraignment and to be informed of charges, this amendment crave a very fast and speedy trial , also the Six Amendment deal with the a big section of the community after dealing with trial. Finally, Amendment Eight require that the bail should be reasonable to give credibility to the...

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