Rights and Responsibilities Essay

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Level 2 Diploma in health and social care Employment Rights and Responsibilities Terms and conditions of employment 1, your employer has eight weeks to provide you with written terms and conditions 2, written terms of employment are there for the employer and employee so that people know what the job entails 3, Grievance procedure, disciplinary rules, terms and conditions 4, if your contract needs to be changed in any way you must be given a new contract or have it in writing 5, it is important that you give notice when leaving so that it gives your employee reasonable time to employ someone else to do your job 6, an employee has written terms and conditions self-employed don’t Tax deducted from wage National insurance deducted from wage Contract of employment Health and safety 1, employer must provide an environment that meets the conditions of the health and safety at work act 2, carry out your duties in a way that is safe for you and other employees 3, COSHH Manual handling regulations 1992 Anti-Discrimination 1, to be treated equally and not discriminated against 2, equal pay, sex discrimination, race, disability, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, age, direct, in direct 3, if you are been discriminated you should try to resolve the problem with the other party involved if this doesn’t solve the problem discuss the situation with your employer 4. Colour of your skin, sexuality 5. When treated differently due to age or race When a condition is imposed that prevents you from work When treating someone more favourable due to race or gender Data Protection 1, all information that a company holds on file about you cannot be given to anybody else without your consent unless they are required to do so by law 2, information I can give out, how an employee is
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