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Rights Essay

  • Submitted by: AshleyHaile
  • on December 3, 2013
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Ashley Beavers
Period 6
The Death Penalty
      How would you feel if somebody killed your family or harmed them in anyway? Would you want them to be sentenced to the death penalty? Many people agree that the death penalty is the right thing to do but there are others that disagree. If someone kills your loved one you would probably want them to have some sort of punishment. Wouldn't you? I most certainly would. Every year people die from the death penalty. The problem is not enough people are being sentenced. In my opinion the death penalty should be legal in all states,
      The death penalty should be legal in all states because many people are affected each year. Alot of families have been hurt and crushed because the damage brought to them by a loved ones death . They cause so much pain life shouldn't be an option . They deserve to be punished for their actions. They deserve to be treated with no respect whatsoever. They deserve to suffer until they can't live any longer because of the pain they put other families threw.
        Not only that but it will get rid of all the killers and our money won't be wasted on them every year. We pay for there food, health care, and also a free place to stay. People in prison get better health care then we do out of prison. Some people can't even afford health care but in prison its free. They dont deserve the easy life in prison. They don't deserve us to pay for there things when they tore up another family. We are wasting our money when it could be spent on kids in Africa or even families in need.
        Also sentencing all the killers will make alot of people more relieved knowing they wont be coming out soon. Some killers get only so many years in prison then they get a chance to get out and do good. Everybody hears about it and everyone starts to panic. People are terrified that, that one person is going to harm somebody else's family. Parents start to worry about there kids safety. It just makes alot of...

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