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Rights Essay

  • Submitted by: brandona
  • on May 2, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Ever since that awful day of September 11, 2001 we literally little by little began losing our rights as American citizens, it started with the extra security at the airport like x-ray, checking boarding passes which people didn’t mind, but now in today’s world it’s crazier, they are now using those full body scanners which can see everything including your private area. As well as you start hearing the reports about how the government had started with unlawful wire taps on land lines, cell phones, emails and putting tracking devices on suspected people of interest .   The extra security at airport I agree, we must have. But to what extended is security going too far we are up to the point where if you beep too much at the metal detector you’ll be pulled off to the side and be given a sweep with the metal detecting wand or a full body pat down and maybe asked to remove some of your clothing.   Now it seems its getting worst with new technology that is coming out, like the full body scanners which can see everything from hidden guns to bombs and your private body parts. Which I think is an invasion of one’s privacy.
Then soon after 9/11 we started hearing about these scandals about how the phone companies and the government were illegally using wire taps on land lines, cell phones and e-mails.   To moderator people’s phone calls and e-mails, of people they thought of being terrorists and even using their own cell phones as tracking devices.

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