Right Versus Right Decisions

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------------------------------------------------- Right versus Right Decisions Right versus Right Decisions Right versus right decisions are at the heart of our toughest choices. Typically, tough choices are those that pit one right value against another right value. This is true in every walk of life, from corporate, professional, personal, civic, educational, religious, and law enforcement. The toughest choices don’t center upon right versus wrong. They involve right versus right. They are genuine dilemmas because each side is firmly rooted in one of our basic values. Four dilemmas are so common to our experience that they stand as models or paradigms *(standards). They are: truth versus loyalty, individual versus community, short term versus long term and justice versus mercy. These are fundamental to the right versus right choices we all make. Criminal justice administrators are faced with such dilemmas on a regular basis. For example, say an officer is caught breaking department policy. In this situation, truth versus loyalty comes into play. Should the officer be fired or demoted or should said officer just be reprimanded with no repercussions? Both choices could solve the problem and both could be morally correct but there are other factors to take into consideration. Firing or demoting the officer could induce moral problems within the department and just reprimanding the officer could appear to be a sign of weakness. It takes a strong moral character and conviction to make such decisions and balance the consequences of those decisions. Individual versus community is another situation that criminal justice administrators must face. The same scenario as above could be used as an example. Is it fair to the community that we are expected to follow the rules when the administrators own employees do not? How do you justify that? The
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